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Product List

Contemporary Wedding Albums handmade in Italy by Album Epoca

Album Epoca are amongst the leading manufacturers in wedding albums, available in a wide variety of styles, colours and materials, combining tradition with fashion to create a perfectly stylish and sleek product. All of the following albums are available in two sizes each and include free personalised embossing and a customised wedding box. The following prices are for a 30-page album (15 spreads) and will include approximately 75-90 photographs. All albums are designed by Paul Sutton Photography.

Napoli (available in square or landscape orientation in white, blue or amaranth)

•12”x12” at £500 or 12”x16” at £530

Alicante (available in square or landscape orientation in ivory, brown or black)

•12”x12” at £520 or 12”x16” at £550

Toledo (available in square or landscape orientation in ivory, beige or black)

•12”x12” at £520 or 12”x16” at £550

Positano (available in square or portrait orientation in white, silver or gold)

•12”x12” at £530 or 12”x18” at £570

Small contemporary Loxley photo books

Mini Bellisimo Artemis – 3.25x3.75 (14 photos)                       £110

Bellisimo Lifestyle – 7”x5” (10 photos)                                    £130

Large Contemporary Graphistudio Original Wedding Book Album made in Italy

Graphistudio are amongst the leading manufacturers of wedding books, at the cutting edge of style and creativity, these luxurious books adorn contemporary chic. Available in a variety of premium finishes with an additional classy design box, and personalised text impression; all images are printed on photographic paper mounted onto rigid pages and designed by Paul Sutton Photography. The Original Wedding Book is available in 30x30 (square); 30x40 (portrait); 40x30 (landscape) with 30 pages and includes approximately 75-90 photographs with a choice of the following covers:

•Suede                         £445

•Maple                         £445

•Silk                            £445

•Leatherette                 £445

•Metal                          £445

Contemporary Graphistudio Wedding Book Primo

Available in a standard hard-back cover with an additional linen studio box, personalised text impression and printed on photo lustre paper.  The price is based on a 100-page book, which holds approximately 180-210 photographs, and is designed by Paul Sutton Photography. This product is ideal for anybody wanting to display their entire collection of wedding photographs. The Wedding Book Primo is available in the following sizes:

•25x25cm (Square)               £295

•25x35cm (Portrait)               £295

•35x25cm (Landscape)           £295

Stretched Museum Grade Archival Canvases

This award winning canvas captures detail and tonal range unmatched by any other. A certificate showing the product is produced to museum standards is also supplied. These hand-stretched canvases are fine art UV varnished for extra protection and are supplied with a white presentation box and a certificate to authenticate archival museum grade quality, guaranteed for at least 100 years.

•12"x16"                              £109

•16"x24"                              £129

•20"x30"                              £189

•30"x40"                              £249

 Prints (available in lustre or matte)

•6"x4"                           £15

•7"x5"                           £20

•A4                               £32

•A3                               £45

•A2                               £90

Handmade prints from negatives


RC De Luxe Pearl Paper (190gsm)

Fibre-base Matt Paper (255gsm)

6”x4” (approx.)












Tulip Frames and Mounted Prints

All frames are handmade with Tulip from the Poplar tree, available in light wax, mid-wax, dark wax or Wenge.

•6”x4” print, mount and frame                 £56

•7”x5” print, mount and frame                 £64

•A4 print, mount and frame                     £92

•A3 print, mount and frame                     £112

•A2 print, mount and frame                     £162

Additional image disc with copyright in a presentation box                              £45

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